Health Care Providers

Legislators and regulators in distant capitals are demanding more and more:

Price transparency, more uncompensated care, Medicaid cuts, down-side risk-bearing payment models, interoperability, quality metrics, endless box-checking EMRs, fraud prevention, coding reform, spread elimination in 340B or Part B services, it never ends. Payers are demanding bigger discounts, faster billing, better reporting, and best price guarantees.

You got in this business to help patients. To save lives. When did the business of health care get so sidetracked, so corporate, so demoralizing, so impossible? You just want to deliver hope and healing to your community.

You can. Let’s talk.

KFT Consulting advises hospitals and health systems, provider groups and associations on:

  • How to compete in and lead the health care transformation to value-based models;
  • Providers as employers: ERISA fiduciary risk mitigation for health care industry employers in the context of an increasingly aggressive enforcement and litigation environment;
  • Deciphering federal health policy outlook, trends, and prospects for success, including alternative payment models, price transparency, and drug pricing;
  • Patient experience and other health care consumer demand trends;
  • Mitigating reputational and political risk in the health sector;
  • Price transparency as an opportunity for the health care industry, rather than a threat;
  • Incorporating and evaluating social determinants of health in delivery systems;
  • Assembling or influencing coalitions and grassroots organizations to advance a policy agenda;
  • Community health and healthcare program design, evaluation, implementation in the private or public sector.