You’ve had it with the broken health care system.

The secret prices, the corrupt financial schemes that influence clinical decisions, the impossibility of sharing your own records quickly and easily, the uncoordinated left-hand/right-hand redundancies and contradictions, the banker hours, the Stone Age technology (fax machines, really?), the electronic box-checking, the bouncers between you and the physician, the bureaucratic front-office staff, the inconsistent quality, the carrier pigeon system for sharing images, the predatory collections, the claims denials, the endless R&D cycle, the perverse incentives, and the cost, dear heavens, the cost.

Why can’t you get out of health care the same consumer focus you get in every other industry: real-time information and access, honest and competitive pricing, modern technology, and service delivery designed around consumer needs and demands.

You can. Let’s talk.

KFT Consulting advises patient organizations on:

  • Strategies for how to achieve patient-centric policy reforms;
  • Deciphering federal health policy outlook, trends, and initiatives and their prospects for success;
  • Assembling or influencing coalitions and grassroots organizations to advance a policy agenda;
  • Writing publication-worthy and compelling copy, including opinion pieces, blog posts, speeches, talking points, testimony, regulatory comments, strategy memos, social media content, and press releases.