Health Care Made Well

Katy Talento


Katy Talento is an epidemiologist, a licensed health benefits consultant and a veteran health policy advisor, most recently at The White House as the lead health advisor to President Donald Trump on the Domestic Policy Council. As a Health Rosetta Associate Advisor, Katy commits to an industry-leading standard of transparency and fiduciary responsibility to clients and their employers. As President of KFT Consulting, LLC, Katy advises organizations, including employers and other plan sponsors, health systems and physician groups, insurance carriers, biosciences ventures, investors, thought leaders, business and civic associations, and others, on:

  • Innovative, high-value strategies for employers and other purchasers of care to lower costs, improve quality and patient satisfaction, and mitigate ERISA fiduciary risk. 
  • Federal health policy outlook, including executive and legislative branch developments and potential impact for industry; 
  • Political and other drivers of health policy trends; 
  • Evaluation of health programs, including employer, community and government programs. 
  • Bioethical imperatives and reputation management in biomedical research and health care delivery.  

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Health care should be amazing.

You can fix it. 

We live in the world of Amazon and Uber, AppleCare and DoorDash. Why is health care like the IRS and the DMV? KFT Consulting connects you to the growing movement of patients, employers, providers, health care innovators and disrupters who are driving the future of health care. They have tackled the cost beast and the quality question mark and made health care great again. You can too.

Employer Plan Sponsors

The cost of keeping your enrollees healthy is increasing every year. You are forced to ask them to bear more and more of the cost – costs they can’t easily afford. The plan you offer is becoming less generous.


Health Care Providers

Legislators and regulators in distant capitals are demanding more and more. When did the business of health care get so sidetracked, so corporate, so demoralizing, so impossible?


Health Care Plans

You want to work with employers to cover risk to keep patients healthy without losing your shirt. 

You can. 



You’ve had it with the broken health care system. Why can’t you get out of health care the same consumer focus you get in every other industry?



You want to understand the opportunities and threats to the health care sector.